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Aircraft Acquisition

Ready to Buy?

Selecting J.A. Aero as your agent in the purchasing process allows you access to a team of experts who will exceed your highest expectations in service and ensure your purchase matches your need.

Our qualified, experienced staff becomes your partner. We encourage curiosity, and pride ourselves on answering questions our clients may not know to ask.

J.A. Aero understands that today’s varied aircraft market leaves buyers with a dizzying number of options. Each make and model has different performance specifications, characteristics and price. Buying the right aircraft can mean the difference between a useful, long-term mode of transportation and a veritable dust collector.

Before buying any aircraft, consider the following questions:

  • Who performed the last annual inspection?
  • Who performed the overhaul, and are they reputable?
  • Are all A.D.’s complied with?
  • Is it right time to buy an aircraft?
  • What are all available aircraft options?
  • Is there a damage history on the aircraft?
  • Is the price appropriate?
  • Are there any liens against the aircraft?
  • What financing is available?

Contact a J.A. Aero sales representative via our contact form or by calling (630) 549.2100