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Cessna Caravan Camera-Hole Modifications

JA Caravan Camera-Hole Installation

JA’s camera hole installations are applicable for both the Cessna 208 (also known as the Caravan 675) and the 208B Grand Caravan in a single hole or dual hole application. Both the single hole and dual hole installations have a 20” hole installed mid-ship just aft of the mail landing gear with a site hole installed off to the side. This hole accommodate s almost every camera available utilizing custom mounts made for the camera type. The basic installation provides the camera hole, site hole, hole covers, exhaust deflector and a power panel providing two power connectors and digital readout. An electric sliding door is available for the front hole only.

The dual camera hole installation provides a second hole roughly 20” in diameter directly in front of the rear shelve and the basic installation provides the power panel with four power ports. There is no sliding door option available for the rear hole.

JA’s camera installations allow for the interior to be easily converted back to any style interior (standard, commuter or executive) for normal Caravan utilization. As the camera installation can only be utilized without the cargo pod installed , JA’s STC allows for the cargo pod to be installed directly over the sliding door, allowing the operator to easily convert from a camera mission to a utility mission.

Electric Sliding Door – Can only be installed on the forward hole and is a low profile design that is operated by switches mounted on the pilot panel. The electric motor is easily replaced if necessary and comes with a manual over-ride. Our STC provides for modification of the cargo pod to easily fit over the sliding door installation.

GPS Antenna Mounts and Coax– Mounted directly over the hole openings the mounts can be fitted for any antenna desired and come with cover plates. Coax is run to the sidewalls and antenna connectors are mounted anywhere in the cabin sidewalls or on the power panel.

Camera Mounts (and shims) – Specifically made custom for the individual camera the mount designs are based on which hole they are mounted in and may require shims. Due to the number of different camera designs prices vary.

Seat Plith – Is a custom plate that allows for the attachment of an operating seat to the standard Cessna Caravan seat rail. This allows for the operator to move the seat up and down as necessary and needed comfort for those long missions aloft.

Operating windows – Any standard side window can be converted to have a 4”x 6” operating window installed. This provides for better viewing with a hand-held camera.

TKS Tank Modification – For new Caravan’s delivered with TKS (pod or no pod) we offer s solution to move the TKS tank to the rear shelve inside the aircraft utilizing the existing system. The TKS tank and pumping system is installed inside a cabinet mounted on the rear shelve. This cabinet allows for easy access and is covered to match the existing interior. (requires existing system).



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