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Cessna Caravan Air Stair STC

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FAA Approved STC # SA00511AT
This STC is applicable to the Cessna 208, 208A and 208B
Now available as a kit – Approximately 8 hours to install

Adding the Air Stair Kit gives you a portable entry and exit door located on the left side of a Cessna Caravan . This modification takes advantage of the existing cargo door structure that is currently installed on every Cessna Caravan and saves weight over other designs. Installation requires minimal effort, and involves modification of the aft cargo doorframe to include a support for the rear stair cable and installation of the portable stair assembly….. which has no effect on aircraft operations. The stairs pivot on an axis just above floor level and use a snubber for controlled deployment. When extended, twin cables support the stairs much like the factory installation. When stowed, the stair is pinned in place and takes little cabin room .

The stair kit in conjunction with JA’s camera modification makes it easy to turn any freight caravan into a utility aircraft for mapping.

For more information contact Scott Fank at 630-549-2100 or email sfank@jaair.com

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