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JA Aero – Aircraft Sales

Scott Card

For over 30 years JA Aero has bought, sold and brokered  aircraft in the Chicago area.   From single engine piston aircraft to corporate jets.

JA Aero would be happy to provide its experience and knowledge to any transaction.  We operate on a completely transparent platform and believe it is our job to educate the customer as well as use all of the industry tools that we employ to give our customers the best experience possible.

Knowledge is power.  JA Aero has partnered with all the major players in the industry including ARG/US, Bluebook, Amstat, ASO, Controller, Trade-A-Plane and  the Aircraft Dealer Network just to name a few.  Our relationships with easy loan these organizations along with 100’s of reputable dealers and brokers throughout the United States is a benefit whether buying, selling or trading.

Cessna Caravan –  JA Aero was a Cessna Caravan Sales representative for 20+ years up until Cessna was bought by Textron and they decided to sell direct in 2016.  Our product knowledge on the Caravan is unsurpassed and whether buying new or used JA Aero can assist.  We are not just a broker we own, lease and operate Caravans throughout the country and have first hand experience in the unique capabilities that the Caravan possesses.  Additionally, JA Aero owns two STC’s; A camera-hole modification for aerial mapping and a stair installation which helps to convert a Cargo aircraft into a passenger configuration.  Our affiliated companies provides services including a Cessna Authorized Service Center and Scheduled charter.

Used Aircraft Sales – There is nobody in the Chicago area that moves more pre-owned aircraft than JA Aero…Period!  Our network of both web and traditional advertising along with dealer relationships  puts our aircraft in front  1000’s of customers within days of listing.  It doesn’t end there…. Even with lots of advertising negotiating an aircraft deal can be pain staking.  Our years of experience and service center support  helps bring equitable solutions to tough situations which occur with many used aircraft sales.  Lastly, our relationships with bank, insurance companies and escrow agents can be the matter of making a deal or not.  Click here to see our aircraft inventory.

Aircraft Brokerage –  Nothing fancy here… our agreements are short and simple and  we don’t get paid if we don’t sell your aircraft.  Initially, we evaluate your aircraft and give you Bluebook  guidance.  We then do a market evaluation and help determine listing and selling ranges.  Once a broker agreement is signed your aircraft gets listed immediately and is on all the major sites and publications quickly.  Followed up by good communication and monitoring of the market should help find a happy home for your aircraft.  We follow the deal to close providing fair negotiation, good maintenance guidance,  solid contracts and proper FAA paperwork.  Click here for rates and information.

Aircraft Acquisition – Let us help you acquire aircraft the way we do.  With an open mind, lots of aircraft information and a good knowledge of the process.  Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or not…JA Aero helps weed through the marketplace.  Our many buyer tools help determine aircraft performance, specifications, cost of operations and value.  While our support staff culls through available aircraft,  maintenance records,  history of values and asking prices.  We spreadsheet all available aircraft  within a pre-determined range and use Aircraft Bluebook values to compare aircraft  in a side-by-side comparison.  A process that  educates our customers and makes for a happy purchase experience.  Click here for information.